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I’d like to share my story with you, it …

I’d like to share my story with you, it’s entirely up to you if you choose to read this or not….

My parents got divorced when I was really young, I had to live with my grandparents, they were religious (Christians) and I used to be one too, had to go to a religious school and act all perfect. But I used to get bullied all the time at school and no one liked me… I had no friends and no one to turn to for help. Throughout the years of high school, I suffered from depression,bipolar, sadness etc….. Started self harming to the extent where I wanted to kill myself because I lost my sanity. At the age of 15 I moved to my uncles house and life started to change a little bit, I started to realize that things weren’t so bad like they used to be, the people I hung around started to like me and we kept hanging out all the time. A year later I discovered that those so called “friends” of mine have been speaking bad things about me, and I entered a state of depression once again. I had countless nights in the darkness, drinking and overdosing on drugs… was hospitalized so many times too. I never liked life, I never liked the idea of being able to breathe on this earth. I always question what the point of life is. What my sole purpose is. What the heck am I here for. And now I’m a 19 year old guy trying to get his life together…. finding a job and trying to earn some money. But recently I started thinking again and I feel like killing myself because I’m not worthy and I’m just a waste of space on this earth.


  1. Buddy, a purpose is what u need, have you ever started to think about who made this world ?. are you a thoughtfull soul ? , everybody has regrets but if u have the time please i would like you to study islam, it will answer that what you are here for buddy. Give things a chance please. The great thing about you is that u are looking for a purpose. If u are truly willing to find it then give it time , study islam. For starters ill tell u that , all the great scientists of the world have begun to notice it. I want you to go towards scientific facts presented by it. theres not much difference between Islam and christianity. Christianity originated from it. Almost 1000 verses have been discovered in our holy book (QURAN) , which present whole theories in simple and short sentences. There is more and more truth, believe me , there many many more that u will learn by givving it a chance. Try studying the real islam , which was presented by GOD , u will find pretty despising things if u went towards the side made by our enemies. But in comparison to them and their books, we present peace and truth, iam the same age as u are, this is a request from a human to a human , plz study islam. 

  2. A life long journey led me to getting off work and sitting at home. Which gave way to watching a documentary on netflix about addiction which somehow led me to your post via a Google search.  I tell you this because I believe that the people and situations in the life that we encounter have a purpose. I don’t know if you will ever see my response but I feel compelled to speak to your post. #1 please remember that you are not alone in the pain that you feel. How I got to your post tonight is the result of working through my own pain. I cannot tell you what your purpose on earth is as I’m sure no one can. I am 27 years old and I know that I am still searching for what it is in life that heals my wounds, helps others and leaves me with a sense that the things/trauma of my life was not in vein but can help someone else. Thank you for being brave enough to share your thoughts and for our e communication paths to cross. I think that sharing your feelings makes it very clear that you desire to live, even if you dont know what the future holds. Life is an amazing experience,  even in a dark mental place. For me, if I can feel good about nothing else at times, I know for a fact that I am a survivor..and the reality is that you are too! I wish you the best in this continued journey through life. *circumstances are there but how we choose to react emotionally is a choice everyday* I tell myself this every morning….and I choose to keep on in this journey another day.  I sure hope that the sun will seem a bit brighter for you tomorrow. 

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