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Ok so I have known this girl for about t …

Ok so I have known this girl for about two years now. We are both studying abroad in Australia. She just finished her study and she is planning to go home in about a week. I have never had feelings for her before. Well I liked her but just as a friend. Now that she is going away I suddenly have feelings for her. I don’t know why but the thought of her going away for good just hurts me. I can’t get her off my mind for the past few weeks. I’m constantly thinking of her, her smile, her laugh, the silly things she’s done, I’m just crazy for her right now. I guess I fell in love at the wrong place and time. The thing is I can’t confess to her. This might sound cliché but I value our friendship more than my selfish feelings. I feel like if I confess to her I’m afraid that I might not only destroy our friendship but also the rest of her last week here. Yes I’m a coward but I just want her to be happy. I just want to enjoy the last few days with her and take her to the airport to see her going away from my life for good. I think this is the least I can do for her.

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  1. it would suck he she thought the same… and you missed out on an even better last week together.

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