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I sicken myself. The people around me   …

I sicken myself. The people around me  hate my existence. I am alone in the world.
But I’m not dead yet.

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  1. You’re not alone.. you feel that way because of the darkness in your head right now. How much of the world have you actually seen? There’s a whole wide world out there waiting just for you to come and explore it. I know you feel all alone right now and the people surrounding you may not be making you feel so pleasant and happy but you’re not alone because there are 7billion other people out there who could change that view point.. Please give life a chance <3 You shouldn't sicken yourself for the way other people make you feel because your body doesn't deserve that and neither do you. It is their minds that are corrupted, not yours. Please stay strong.. you don't even know me, but I want you to know I love and care for you, idc what you look like or who you are.. you're loved <3 

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