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I am 22. I fell in love with this guy, a …

I am 22. I fell in love with this guy, and he made me hate myself now because I was not my self when I admired him. I always hid myself whenever I like someone, and it’s always a friendzone comes to me because of it. Then one day I decided not to hide anymore. I started my move by following his Twitter account, and I gave him flowers (I know, ugh…) because my faculty was holding a flowers day event. Then I naively wrote my name on the card… And I once showed my friend his social media, and she touched the add button. Now I believe he thinks I am an aggressive girl. I met him some times because he lives at the same flat apartment to my friend and I always went crazy like teenagers. Then I tried to move on, which I believe I have. But now I am stuck to a club at my faculty, as a manager, and this club has a big chance on making me meeting him again. And for real I DO NOT WANT TO. I DO NOT WANT TO EMBARRASS MYSELF NO MORE. It has not happened, but I keep making scripts for myself if somehow his friends talk about me or maybe, he talks to me. I feel like I want to disappear. I hate myself… it was a bad choice I want to forget, although he is really cute. But.. damnit.

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  1. As being a 24 year old may. I would love a 22 year old female to feel like this towards me. I do the same when I meet females. So I know how you feel.

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