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I grew up in an alcoholic family where dad…

I grew up in an alcoholic family where drugs and alcohol have been a normal part in everyday life, I’ve had a very stressful and psychotic childhood, my mother has moved much due. Boyfriends and I’ve never really known my father since he has been in prison for most of my life, he is a pedophile.
I have two siblings one big sister and little sister, most of my little sister’s life I’ve been a mother for her.
I myself was born in Herning/Jutland and raised the first years of my life there but when my father goes to prison, we moved to Copenhagen, the first man I remember as being very violent, my little sister’s real father he is a pedophile . He begins to treat us really bad when my mother being hospitalized when she was giving birth to our little sister, he would beat us and starve us, when a teacher notice it and we get removed we get in orphanages and there we live in approximately 7 months and are then brought home by our mother who chose to move back to Jutland to my father.

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