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The truth is that, some people got money and some don’t, but that doesn’t mean that those who are disadvantaged should be less important than those with money and keep being told that they are lazy to work or to go to school, because that does not describe everyone. Some people work hard to make a living, some could not afford to go to school, and its not because they wanted to, but because that’s just how it is, and its time we accepted that not everyone get assistance and not everyone is fortunate to be born into a rich family, you are very lucky if you go to a private school or if you have worked hard in school so that you could go to University and also being able to find a job, so don’t waste the opportunity grab it with both hands, but not everyone is that lucky SO IF YOU YOU ARE THAT LUCKY OR FORTUNATE TO GET ASSISTANCE, THEN GOOD FOR YOU, BUT STOP CRITISIZING AND DISCRIMINATING PEOPLE WHO ARE LESS FORTUNATE AND STOP HELPING THEM JUST SO THAT YOU CAN FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELVES, SO JUST ACCEPT PEOPLE THE WAY THEY ARE, THAT’S IT!!

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