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I said “I’m so sorry. You want me to kiss it better”?

It’s Monday June, 15 , 2015 …. about 2 months ago I met a guy who’s 26 years old, I only saw him a few times but at first I was just attracted to him for his looks but than I got to know him and my feelings started to build up even more deep down inside, obviously he could tell I liked him and I accidentally zipped his jacket on his chin not to hard but we both laughed and he said “it hurt so bad though”.

I said “I’m so sorry you want me to kiss it better”?
He said “yes please” and then lifted his chin for me to kiss, I kissed his chin and told him “their do you’re feel better?”
He said “no I need another kiss”, which of course I did and I told him “now you owe me 5 kisses” he said “for what?” and I told him “cause I want one”, and he pushed his lips out as if I was suppose to kiss him on the lips and when I did he said “why did you just do?!” I told him”oh I’m sorry I thought you meant on the lips I apologize I’m sorry!!” he said “bro you where suppose to put your cheek on my lips to kiss” ….” but its cool just I guess”.
After that we started to flirt around but try not to make it to obvious to our friends…. We started to kiss when no ones looking but that was when we where around our friends …. We got each others numbers and started to text … We planned for us to hang out together where no one can see us so I went to his house we hanged out flirting and we made out… and the second time we hanged out at his house we went to his room and watched movies laid down by each other just chilling hugging and talking… When I had to leave his mom got home so I tried to sneak out but she saw me and she asked ” who’s this” I told her “hi nice too meet you.. bye”

After that day I knew that he was such a great guy he just wanted to spend time with me and I got to know him a lot better and his life style and more …. We still spent time together one time we went to the park around 1:00am and stayed till 4:00 am we just sat their staring at stars talking and flirting. One day I went to his house late at night and fell asleep right next to him after watching movies and I had to go home fast before my mom got home or I would be in big trouble… Than I walked home and the next day I saw him was the day I lied to my mom for the first time on something serious I told her I was going to spend the night at my best friends house.. But I went to spend the night with him… We made love but before we did I wanted to be honest with him I told him my childhood how I was treated and what happened to me and that I’m not sure if I was a virgin he said it was ok that it not my fault… He got a condom and asked “are you ready for this you don’t have to I can wait I’m not gonna rush you into things babe” I told him ” I don’t know…..”

He waited for me to respond an exact answer for almost an hour and I told him “please just don’t hurt me and take it easy on me it my first time” he said “of course babe I promise” we started to love on each other (sex) we had to use the floor because his bed made to much noise and his parents where home it was painful at first but than it didn’t it was amazing than after we laid in bed cuddling and I couldn’t sleep we started to do it again but we didn’t have a condom this time so we had to be careful we where on the bed and it made to much noise that we had to move back down on the floor and it was just amazing … I don’t know how to explain it … but we got back on the bed and watched twilight and we fell asleep cuddling ounce again ..

When I woke up the door was opened by his father with his sitters baby and he said “here’s the baby” he was babysitting that day but his father didn’t say nothing to me cause I look older than what I am… It was 10″am and I checked my phone it was blown up with many calls and messages from my family and friends I had to get home fast when I got their my mom asks me where I was at she told me she went to my best friends house and I wasn’t their. I told her I was at another friends house so don’t worry and she told me who .. who was it… I told her kinda the truth and a lies I told her I spent the night at a boys house who is 17… she asked “did you sleep with him” .. I told her “no” … we argued for a few minuets and she told me to choose to go with her to the apartment or just go with my dad and either way I would be away from him which I did not want I wanted to be with him but I can’t change nothing so chose to go with my dad but I know that I would be able to visit him (my babe) so now I’m here writing this at my fathers missing him my babe the one I gave my first to I miss him so much I’m depressed nothing can make me happy but his messages and calls… I miss him and our age separates us but its fine I will always remember him.

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