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I wish I never took that decision…

i wish i never took that decision… I wanted to have a boyfriend but dun know why I feel that he ruined my life… He did so much for me that i could never forget… He cares for me… But don’t know y he always makes me remember of my each and every mistake that i never did intentionally… I had boyfriends in my past but I am serious for him like hell… He told his mother about our relationship… But from that time he always puts every kind of blame on me… Whether it is from a simple to simplest mistake… That too those mistakes that I never did… And even I feel like he is taking me far away from my friends… I do had sex with him just my trusting him on each and every moment… But some days before my best friend argued with him as i was not talking to her from a long time… She just asked him what was the problem… Was I alright… But he took it in a another way…he always thought that i insult him in front of everyone which was wrong…i never did this…moreover he is so possessive that he cant even see me talking to the guy whom i cal my brother… Because of my past he always taunt me that I have backups and could get any other guy easily… And that too that I don’t understand him…. Even after knowing everything I did for him.. I always made our anniversary damn special… He live as a paying guest because he came here to study… He lives alone and I am scared that he will do something really more than worse… I just want to get out of this asap because my mom is not well and he continuously threats me of telling each and everything to my mom… What should I do please help me… I feel like I am dying each n every moment… There is a lot more but I don’t have that much energy as I am getting weak day by day.. Please help me what to do I am literally helpless and don’t want to hurt my mom as well as his mom too.. :'(

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