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At the age of 18 got married to a man…

At the age of 18 got married to a man I love so much, and have 3 children with him . Soon after my first child my husband become a monster and starting abusing me every day. It was like hell I have to run out of my own house . When he come from work he stated fighting with the kids. When I come to see what’s going on he grab me by my hair and hit me in my face pulling out my hair from my head till he hear my scalp cracks, I try to run out my own house and he chase me till he get me but he could never catch me . When I come back home I find my kids lock up in the room . If I wanted to help them he grab me and chock me till I faint and when I wake up out of that faint he throw me in the dog kennel and wanted me to bark. if I don’t do what he say I must sleep out side . He become a alcoholic and give up his job I when to go look for a job and got it. When I come from work I have to knock on my own house door.. when he open up he tell me if I didn’t great then I can’t come in, my kids was just stand and watching what they father do to me. I humble my self just for the sake of my kids to come in the house , he try to kill me but I just pray lord have mercy . Then he wait until I felt asleep. at 3 o’clock night time he open the doors from the house and wake me up. Out of my sleep I don’t event no who I am anymore Swear at me and tell my to get up and make me some food that time of the night then I got up and do what he say just to keep the peace as I walk to the kitchen he throw me by force out of that open door and in I loud voice he call the gangster to rap and kill me . I hide my self in the dog kennel when he come out to see where I am. Then he want to hang the dog on the washing line .I call the cops and the cops come to arrest him but what he do.. he lock him up in the house my kids become mentally disturb they event sleep with they shoes on just in case we must run for our lives . When we go to bed he stated making fire in the mid night taking of the doors from the house and burn it out and take my close and my I’d book and burn everything up. I have to run every night with my kids and sleep outside where I stay in a gangster town I event sleep in the peoples yard where no one could see us , it start. Be coming to much for me and I call a priest and when the priest come he swear at then and tell then to fockof before he stab me . It become so terrible that I have to seek for a safe place for my kids. I.have to say al over places that my children when to so much of different schools that hey could no more learn I when for a divorce and move to my mum while my divorce was still in progress in the same time I lost my mum and become hopeless I got no where to turn to. But just to stay focus but I become sick with mentally illness . I got a phone call from my lawyer to say I must come because my husband is going to give me noting from his estate I when to my lawyer and tell him I don’t want noting because my heart is broken and I’m about to trip. My lawyer told me he will fight for me all what I could say, as long as I got my children I got everything the lawyer give me my date to be in court to finish the divorce . And on the same day a car knock him dead . heard was of his body his arms was of his legs also was of, and that is how god divorce me, and I become a widow at the age of 32, and to day I’m 52, praise god for what my children turn out of the abusing life they have . All of them become top cops in the saps. Thank you god for being with me and my children’s you are my husband forever amen

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