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I was in love. I was young and in love

I was in love. I was young and in love. I was stupid. The time when he let my hand go was the time when I wished he didn’t. It was when I wish IĀ could have treated him better. He was perfect. We were perfect but I played around and let him slipped away. I wish I could go back in time and stopped him from leaving.

We were the ‘It’ couple in school. Let’s call him Y. Before anything between us happened, we were just friends. We weren’t even that close but he was gathered around my group of friends and they asked him who he likes at that time. He didn’t answer but they kept on bothering him. They suddenly asked him whether or not he likes me and he smiled and looked at me. I didn’t know at that moment that we were going to be something.

He was that kind of guy who every girl secretly wishes to date. I got lucky and ruined my chance of being with him for a long time. I never thought that he was someone who is loyal to his partner. I thought he was a player. He wasn’t at all. I was his second and I considered him as my first love even when I’ve dated a few before him.

We broke up or… he broke up with me because he didn’t trust me. He thought I liked my bestfriend. I didn’t. I never did. He was the only person in my mind. The sad thing is… I didn’t even stop him from leaving. We could have gotten back together but I was stupid.

We broke up once before that. It was his fault. He said he liked someone else. He broke up with me in public. It was heartbreaking. I thought it was the end. Thank god it wasn’t.

He wanted to be with me a day after he broke up with me. He was always in charge of breaking us up but I was in charge of ruining both of us. It hurts me. Till this day, it still does.

Now, he’s happy with his new girlfriend of 3-4 years. I’m happy that he’s happy. I’m happy that he has found someone who makes him happy. I secretly hope we’d meet again and start a new chapter together.

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