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A new chapter in my life

Today, November 15, 2015, has marked a new chapter in my life. Today, I have been lied to for the last time. It has cause me much emotional distress. So much pain. So my crying and needless tear shed. Most importantly, someone has lied to get me to this state of being. Not to me, in part, but to someone else. Today, someone has lied to save themselves from the agony that I now posses. They have lied to me and their holder, their jailer. Today, I will become the best I can be and strive for excellence. I will not look at this day in pain, but in respect. If it were not for this event, I would have been following a desolate path. I would be leading myself to even more pain. But due to someone’s lying, to save themselves, I am here. They care not about me, but about themselves. I hope that I may achieve my goals of excellence. May someone guide me in my travels throughout.

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