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I had an amazing life and the perfect family

I had an amazing life and the perfect family. I did well in school and sports and my friends were always close to me. This year has destroyed me. My sister became anorexic and this year had been extremely tough for my family and myself, every meal is a viscous battle. Soon afterwards my friends started drinking and partying and I was reluctant to join them because of my parents. Now I feel I have lost them. They don’t care about me and I feel completely alone.

Schoolwork went downhill and I’m not looking forward to final exam results. I also started having suicidal thoughts but I don’t feel I can act on them as I’m scared about how it would affect my sister and family. They would not be able to handle the pain. I’m lost. I’m not fit, not popular, socially awkward, ugly, and my family is being torn apart. I need help but I don’t know from who. The worst part about all of this is my Christian faith which has been demolished as I have grown further and further from god. It’s like I know what the right thing to do is but I don’t like what the consequences of my right choices will be so I’m floating and waiting to see how horrible this next year will be. Help help help

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