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Today I got angry

Today I got angry…
I am not a victim, but a survivor. No matter what I have always done what it takes to keep going and make it out alive. There is so much chaos. I just want and need to be and feel quiet. I need to find my peace in this world. I have a wildly predicable reputation for getting into complicated and stressful situations. And all I need is quiet…
My soul is unsettled in my body. On a daily basis I think about the relief of crawling out of my skin, and floating away. But this skin is mine, and there is no way of escaping it.
I no longer want to feel the binding pressures of obligations for which I genuinely feel no passion for. To become unbound is my big adventure. To find stability within myself so that nothing else matters. I’ve wanted nothing more than stability, but all my efforts are lost due to harbouring my soul on crumbling foundations of other people and their empty promises.
It is time to rebuild on solid ground, and to find it is my first mission.
The solid ground is me. I am so strong, and it is time to build my temple. I will shine a light so bright that it will blind anyone who tires to take on the challenge of dimming it. I want this light to represent all that is me, and to not be afraid but proud to stare into it.
This is the start of a new journey. One that will be long, but it is the ultimate trip. I am willing to risk it all to find my light.

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