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I have always felt like I am meant for something great

I have always felt like I am meant for something great. Growing up,I never had the luxury of having my own bedroom or so. It was crowded where we lived.being the first of ten kids,I practically had to raise some of my brothers and sisters because every other year my mom was busy at the hospital making more babies. Despite her effort to restrict family planning,she made my education her top priority. She wanted me to succeed where she failed. Through we didn’t have it all growing up, it was enough for me. However in my last year of high school,things started to change,my stepfather had my affair with another woman and began making more babies. Because of his actions,our food supply started to run short. My dreams of college was placed on hold. Being the caring person I am,I started volunteering for a non-governmental organization. I got many discouraging words from people but that didn’t stop me. I was determinate to make something of myself. As a results of volunteering,I was given the opportunity on two occasions to represent my country at the regional level in a youth awareness workshop,which boosted my skills. I am not the shy type,I speak openly and freely however I had issues accepting a life of poverty. I started spending my days worrying about my future but never actually doing anything about it. I finally decided I am going to college,I didn’t have the money,but I had the drive so I seek a scholarship from the same organization I volunteer for and too my surprised I got through. At the end of my two years,I was able to graduate with honors. After that I started teaching but then left because they was paying enough,a decision I regret today. Now present day I am unemployed and looking for a job. Sometimes we think we know the answers to everything,but when life knocks on your door it serious. I’ve struggle to maintain a positive state of mind. I wanted to give up hope because there was days when I didn’t have nothing to eat or I would give my sisters and brothers my last dollar to go to school and stay without. At night,the tears would run down my check. Often times I though that death is better than living and I wanted to dead literally because I couldn’t take another day of not knowing what to do and how I am going to eat. They say God gives his toughest battles to his strongest solider,I was so lost and bottling up all my feelings inside that I had to explode. I spoke to God in prayer and then some friends who I can count on. I’ll learn to turn the bad into something good,so I boosted my self esteem and self confidence and now I am ready for the task ahead. I know what it’s like to feel like no one understand you and being alone is the only solution. Being alone for to long will only tear you down mentally. I was stronger than I imagine,when my mind wanted to give up,my heart step In and kept pushing on. Channel your negativity thoughts into somethings positive. Be the light in the darkness, I am not where I want to be but I am never going to stop fighting for a way out of poverty. I am Grenadian and this is my inspiration piece.

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  1. You are a real fighter against the hurdles you face in your life. I know it’s easy to say than face that “things will get right” but yes life is a mystery we never know when, where and how good things knock our door and enter our life. Have hope when your down in life for no reason certainly life takes you to a top position within no time.

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