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One alcoholic mother. My alcoholic mother

One alcoholic mother. My alcoholic mother.
Growing up for me was hard, I’m not going to say that us as a family never had happy memories, because we did. Just more unhappy memories than happy. My mum and dad were just never supposed to be together, I don’t think it was their faults just the sort of people they were. Like my mum was the fire and my dad was the petrol, not a good combination.
My mum drinks and my mum loves it. She loves knocking them back. The problem is with my mum is, she’s not all there if you understand me? My mum was carted off to stonebow when I was about 9 and ever since then she can actually wind herself up and argue with herself. Then when she pipes herself up and she realises there isn’t anyone to take the stick it all turns to me. This can go on anything from an hour to seven hours, to even nearly a whole day. Trust me that feels like a life time. I get called stuff that is that horrendous it doesn’t leave me. It feels like a kick in the teeth every single time another cruel word or saying comes out of her mouth, sometimes id prefer a kick in the teeth. I cope with abuse, physical and mental abuse and discover emotions I never knew I had. I cope with so much on a daily basis an no-one has any idea about it, or what I’m going this.
sometimes I actually wish for a guardian angel

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