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My heart is still broken

My heart is still broken. My mind keeps asking me questions, why do you even care about the guy who can’t estimate you, who is not your match. It also tells me that I am smarter, prettier, better than the girl he chose, that’s clear, clear for me, clear for him. Thing that hurts me most of all is that, I feel so pissed off that that stupid creature (who wasn’t worthy of my love) chose someone worse, just because she was pretty.
Then I have answer ,it’s all my fault. Somehow it is. Because I fell in love with a boy, who wasn’t a good match for me. I am from the fucking high class mentally or physically, and every single person in this world knows this. That was my mistake, I worth it, just because to learn who to love.
When I was starting to write this small letter, I felt very depressed, but now I believe that everything is hundred times better. Expressing your feelings is the best way, that can help you move on.
From this day I will know my match, I will know who to love, I will know who is my match. And today, me, a person who’s heart was broken and the soul burnt, will stand from the bloody broken pieces of my heart and ashes of my soul, and rise again higher and higher. Remember one thing, the thing that doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.
Show everyone that you are stronger than they think, show them that you stand on the higher level and that they will never reach you. Believe in me, they will soon fall to your knees, but don’t do the same thing to them, don’t break their heart, just say “it’s okay”, smile, than turn your way and follow your way, without them, without anger and envy. Be kind!

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  1. Hello! i hope you find the best person today who can love you the way you will love him.

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