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I got married early at 20

I got married early¬†at 20… before marriage, I had love story.. They broke my love and heart. With my love memories, pressure from my parents I agreed to marry my sis-in-law. I don’t have job disc degree after 1st yr B.Sc. Now its 1 year after still no job but now I need job badly.. Sometimes I think about my ex-love and being bachelor life. If i was not married I would be a happy guy.. Because of being married man more pressure and responsible on me. No one pushes me to do job not a wife, parents, relatives. I am not interested in job because I believe that business is the best and easy way to earn -save money.. My parents want me to job but being jobless workless makes me think about my ex.. My wife is so sweet beautiful loves me lot.. Want to share this with some one..

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