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My Father Made Me Hate All Boys

Okay!!! I really want to share what is inside me.. I am a girl.. and I’m 18 years old.. and younger in my siblings.. When I was a child of about 2 or 3 may be of 4 years old… I loved my father very much.. I used to eat meals with him.. Used to play with him.. Basically loved him very much… But once he beaten up my ammi (mother) very hard.. We wanted to stop him… He daily did this.. I was shocked what has happened to him :'( I really loved him… But I gradually started hating him… BecauseĀ started doing this with all us.. Once he grabbed me hard and threw in to the bed :'( and one day he left us all alone šŸ™ We needed him but he did not care :'( :'( as ‘a father is a role model for his daughter against other boys’.. I stared hating other boys… I used to talk to boys in very harsh ways…I thought all men are same…and like my father…thought they just use women for thereĀ needs and the like to dump them… I wished that all father in this world would die becauseĀ his children don’t know how cruel they are!!

When i got admission in university a boy started chasing me.. stalking me.. sending me msgs in Facebook and told me that he loves me blablabla all rubbish.. I blocked his 4 id’s then one of his friends (R***) texted me about him that he just wanted to make fun one me (I knew he is telling truth).. I should just block his all ids.. and not be serious about him..i told R*** about him and gradually we become friends…and best friends :'( He made me think that all men are not like my father some are good like him.. I opened up with him telling him all about my father how he left us… how he abused us :'( R*** gave me beautiful gifts like earrings a cute teddy bear IĀ loved all those.. He used to tell me that he loves my hairĀ (I’ve long hair) I used to be a shy and a girl with lack of confidence but he made me feel confident by telling me how beautiful I am… I were bestest friends..
ONE DAY that guy who used to stalking me send me msgs about R*** he told me that R*** is a liar..R*** were with him…and used to making Fun of me with him :'( and he told me that R*** and his friends were dumped a girl before me…..R*** uses to this to all girls :'( he sent me conversation between R*** and him :'( look again a man cheated us :'( men are not trust worthy believe me :'( they are all liar :'( I hate boys :'( i hate R*** and my father too :'( i will never ever forgive them :'(

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