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I am lost in my life

I am lost in my life. I don’t know what am I supposed to do. If I commit suicide, my parent’s life would become hell and if didn’t then my life would become hell. I have telephobia and am also suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. My parents doesn’t know about this. They think I am a coward. I am but I can’t help it.
In our family, there is always comparison between the students related to their academics. I just passed out my 12th this year, my brother from maternal side also did. I scored better marks than him. But when the topic of college admission arrived, he went ahead of me. I did not give any entrance exam except one whereas he gave many. He got selected in the college whereas here I am sitting all alone sharing my pathetic life story to the world. I have dropped out one year or should I say have wasted one year of my life.
My mother cried because of me. She is angry with me. My father is also upset. Sorry Mum, Pa… I was not your best girl!
Please forgive me!

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