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I don’t know what my cousins wanted to do with me

I don’t remember my age at the time, but I was very young… My cousin and I got along pretty well because he used to buy me things. One day, he called me to his room after I entered and he told me to take off my underwear. I don’t know if it’s a miracle from god, but I told him I am not wearing any, so he should wait for me while I go put some on and for me to come back. But I never did and I don’t remember where I went afterwards.

The second attempt was with my other cousin. He took me to his room and told me not to make sound and to take off my clothes. This time I was scared because I knew what he wanted to do to me. But the way he looked at me was terrifying. I begged him to release me because I was scared by the way he cornered me by the wall. He continued to speak with his low volume voice but aggressively. I was really afraid but then I heard someone calling me outside, he got scared and let me go. Honestly I never understood what they wanted to do to me at that time, but now when I think about, it its so disgusting and shameful and I never want to meet them again. But I also thank god for protecting me and my innocence.

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