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Great man, great gesture over a lost watch

One day I saw a old man in the street searching for something. While he was searching, his watch suddenly fell down a drain. It started to rain heavily, so he went near a shop to protect himself from the rain. He felt so sad about his lost watch on the street. Unfortunately when he looked in the drain, where his watch in the sewage water. He felt so sad about it because he can’t bend down because of his health issue. He called one boy who is passing through that street. That boy tried to pick up the watch using the stick, but all of his money fell out of his top pocket and into the drain. The boy was angry because of that old man made him loose his money. The old man said sorry and the boy went home. The old man continues to stand near the sewage water to get that watch back, but it is full of water. He stayed there and he spent all night. In the morning, the water drained away and the watch was clearly visible. The old man saw that boy again in the same place at the same time. The old man called out for that boy, but the boy refused to come and the old man somehow he got his watch from that sewage tank. Though the watch is worth more than a million dollar, he sent that watch as a gift to that boy through the post. The boy was so shocked and wanted to see that old man. He never saw that old man again in his life. And the boy got millionaire after he sold that watch.
The old man had no one in his life he wanted to give that watch to one who deserve it .

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