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Unfortunate love.

So the beginning of my story starts at the the beginning of the year. I was depressed, I won’t say why, but let’s just say I needed to get out more. So I joined the track team. All of my friends joined so why not? And one of my friends was the obnoxious friend and she knows it! Haha! And she picked on his kid, let’s say his name is.. Mike. And he and her were really nice friends so it wasn’t a bullying thing, just friendly joking around. Anyways, I didn’t think much of this kid, sure we talked and laughed with each other but I didn’t think much of it. Then track ended, and my friends and Mike were close, but I wasn’t really close with Mike. So one day, I got Instagram. And I followed him and soon we started talking to each other on the chat. Then we had conversations for hours, and days even! But we never talked in school. Nobody knew that we talked, so it was kinda nice since I was shy and all. After a couple months, I started to grow feelings for him. We had jokes and inside jokes and we laughed way into the night, I felt so alive with him. The feeling that someone cared about me in any way at all was amazing. But he was also growing popular, you know the talented kid who can do anything and everything. And so everyday I talked to him I had butterflies in my stomach and I got really lightheaded and the air was sweet whenever I talked or was near him. One day I was going to tell him I had a crush on him. So I saw him in the hallway one day and gave myself a little pep-talk, I was ready! And I turned the corner…and he was kissing a girl. My heart shattered. I ran as fast as I could luckily he didn’t see me. And when I got home I felt so pathetic, he messaged me and I acted like nothing happened, like my heart wasn’t shattered, like I was completely fine! And I kept that up for days, months even. We became closer and closer and I eventually forgave myself and told myself I didn’t need him. Not at all, even though I still talked to him and his best friend. His best friend was a pervert. I’m sorry but it’s true haha. And I was okay with it, honestly boys will be boys. And once I showed his best friend I was talking to him, everyone knew. It was nuts. And of course his crazy girlfriend did not like that at all. And then came the bullying, my life became complete and utter hell. But I didn’t tell him, not one bit. And soon I got even more depressed, the usual cutting and suicide attempts. Anyways a couple days ago he  told me he had planned a surprise for me and I, being me, was scared. So, 2 days ago I passed him in the hallway and he held out an item, his beanie that I wanted so very much. I don’t know why, but it.. I really wanted his beanie haha. And he pushed it into my hands and kept walking down the hallway. When I got home, I held the beanie and a letter fell out. I picked up the letter and it had all of our inside jokes. It was adorable. I opened up the letter and there was a note that said something like “I’ve got some good news and some rather bad news. Good news..if you feel the same, I’ve had a crush on you ever since I saw you! Hope you’ll tell me your reaction, only you won’t be able to…here’s the bad news”. I sat down and tried not to have a heart attack and kept reading, but it was impossible to not cry after I read those 2 words, “I’m moving”.

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