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Poverty life, yet big ambitions.

I am from a small Caribbean Island, let me share my life story. I grew up in a small community. My parent struggled a lot we had a small house with one bedroom. I was sleeping on the floor, had no bed. Our kitchen and bathroom was outside. We had no stove we where cooking our food on wood we had no pipes we had to rely on the rain for water and sometimes we had to go very far to take water from a whole. It was so terrible sometimes when you reach cows drink in the water but you have no choice. My parent could not afford a lot of clothes for me so I would get a new clothes once or twice a year it was hard. I could clearly remember my aunt would bring and hand me down from the salvation army. Life was very tough I had to go to the river to wash it was far hills to climb but I had so choice. Now I have grown, life is still hard, struggling but that’s life and I want to make something out of my life I want to open my small business it is very difficult but I know someday I will get there. Thank you.

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