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My parents didn’t want me

It started when my mom gave birth of me, I was born in the poor situation. They could not afford me, they want to throw me away, but life changed when my grandma took me to live with her. I know my life changed because my grandma gave me everything I want such as computer, phone, and school. She never put me away as my mom and dad, and she always worries about me.

But one day mom and dad came and told me to live with them. I don’t know why they remembered that they have a son. Why they want me back? As for my grandma, she didn’t have anything to say because I am just her grandson so she accept it.

One day, my mom and dad went to work. Mom, every night she goes to karaoke and she always comes home drunk. I started to talk to myself as a crazy person. We were changing a lot the house, we didn’t have much money when we arrived on the place that grandma live we was asking for her help. She gave one house to us and every month she always took me to restaurant. Mom started to has a secret . But the secret cant live along, dad know she was sleeping with other man. That life started again so I started to talk all about myself with the shadow friend. I don’t know why I have to still now I always talk with him..


  1. I understand, my life was very much the same as yours. You deserve ?? and I pray it comes to you.

  2. Mine is worse than everyone, my parents throw me away when I was 3 years old and then they took me back when I was 14 from the family who adopted me, they never loved me And treated me so different from my others brothers and sisters.
    I leaved with my own family only 4 years but I can’t remember that I have slept a night without crying and frequently they have been isolated me.
    I’m very far away from them at the moment but still they are poisoning my life.
    I don’t know when didn’t love me why they took me back?

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