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He would watch me and my brother box for his entertainment

I am writing this cause by doing so it might help me deal with the issues and problems I have had and continue to deal with in my life. Also maybe someone else has a story or issue and by hearing mine it will help them to get through whatever problems they might have or to help those before it’s too late.
To know someone you must take the time to learn them and understand what makes them who they are. Whether it be good things or bad things life changing events or problems you were born with and can’t control every moment or situation you encounter in your life make you who you are. So I thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

Well I guess it should start with my first memory I can remember as a child, I picture of my cousin my brother and me at a park. My brother and I were wearing matching green outfits and my cousin was wearing the same in red. I remember it clearly cause late that day my step dad beat the crap out of us for what I don’t remember. We would get beat often. My guess was so he could take out the anger he had for being stuck in this crazy thing called life. This went on for some years 5 till 8 or 9. I guess can’t recall, but when he wasn’t doing that he would make my brother and I put on boxing gloves and box for his entertainment. I would let my brother beat me up guess. I felt helpless and got beat anyway so might as well let him do it too. Till one time I finally got to the point I had enough and hit him as hard as I could giving him a upper cut knocking him off his feet and into a glass table that shattered. He was fine thank god but the table wasn’t and it worked out cause after that he put the gloves away.

As we got older the beatings got worse and worse, I mean other things like standing in the corner for hours till we could not stand anymore, except for the one time we did bad in school and my mom would make us go to school then stand in the corner till it was time to eat then stand in the corner again till we got to bed. On the weekend we would wake up stand in the corner till it was time to eat then back till we could stand so she old get chairs for us so we could sit in the corner this happened till our progress report came in. If feel my brother got the better of it one time my step dad make food that wasn’t good and he threw up on his plate and he was forced to eat the food and then throw up. It’s one thing to be able to do something and choosing not to but when you are helpless it’s a hard kind of pain I was throwing out the trash and I had to walk to the back alley to the dumpster to throw it out and I could hear my brother scream begging me to help and take the belt away and there was nothing I could do running didn’t help cause he would take one foot lift us upside down and hit us till he got tired and took a break to do it again cause we tried to run.

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