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She committed suicide of dreams

‘Even demon was once an angel’ Thought which was hitting her mind hard, while she was reflecting on her past marital life. “Consult a psychiatric, you are mad, I doubt you need medicines. Every worst thing in my life connects to you.” Once he used to call her his enchanting fairy. Fairy from lands of purity and perfection. The solace of his life, the only bliss which help his sorrows burn high and high into skies. She didn’t see it coming neither he, how come she wrecked his soul. How come he could see others when she was the only fairy from long lands, how come? Out of nowhere she become the reason behind his sorrows, he had long ago forgotten the fairy of his life, apparently her world went upside down. She was no more then an ordinary person now. The flower of ecstasy in her lands bleed crimson. The sadness hit her so badly that it cripple her heart. She committed suicide of dreams, Suicide of memories and nostalgia within. He slowly and pleasantly made her slay the most of her with the dark knife of man made rules.

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