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You stole my heart.I gave you my soul

You stole my heart.
I gave you my soul.
Everyday is a dream of flowers and rainbows.
I wake up everyday with you on my mind and in my heart.
The brightness of your waking smile, brightens my every morning.
Your every breath is my life.

I can’t wait to fall into your arms.
You holding me ever so tight.
Never to let go.

Every beat of my heart is in rhythm with yours.
I feel your light touch on my skin and your fingers through my hair.
I watch the mornings glimmering soft light, intwine through your hair as you lay quietly sleeping.
I’ll never forget the sweat smell on your hair.
Or the way your hair feels as it feathers gently across my skin.

When you move your month to speak, my whole life pauses, to hear your every word.
Spoken softly like a breeze after a spring time rain.
Soft, sweet and warming.
A voice of an angel.
Whisperers to me.
I love you.

The day our paths met, a seed of love was laid to grow.
As time went by, we grew together and stronger.
There wasn’t a minute in a hour we didn’t share.
As days turned to weeks and weeks to months, that seed became a tree.
A symbol of our sturdy everlasting love.

The months grew into a year.
In spring all the blooms turned green.
This spring ours failed to bloom.
I waited, watching as time slowly passed by.
Hoping for a sign of life on our tree.
There it stood cold and bare.
As the seed of pain crept into my chest.
All of a sudden, there were hours in my days and days in my weeks without you.

I couldn’t find you.
I looked in all our favorite places.
My heart screamed out for yours.
Our hearts are one.
Why can’t yours hear mine?
A storm cloud passes over my eyes and rain begins to fall.

The pain of a broken heart is so deafening.
It screens out so loud.
Why can’t you hear me.
Why can’t you feel me.
The sound of it breaking, shakes the very heavens where angels fly.
With pain so deep, it could swallow all the oceans.

My heart is broken.
I can’t survive.
How was I to know.
What was I to say.
Where am I to go.
I’m alone and home is not a home anymore.

My heart is still in love.
The world still looks the same.
Turning night to day and the sun still shines.
I thought the world ended with a broken heart.

But life goes on.
The birds still sing.
The flowers still bloom.
My tree is bare.
The leaves are gone.

Slowly dying returning back to the earth.
Until there is no tree.
No limb.
No leaf
No reminder.

The ground where it stood is covered in grass.
Where once it grew, blossomed and bloomed.
Gone in silence, not a trace.
But, still the pain in my chest lives on.

If not for the hole in my heart.
The storm in my eyes,
you would never know that here was once a place, love grew up and my heart died.

Written by;
Dan Clinkenbeard

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