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Don’t waste the best parts of your life in making things that won’t last

My name is (for the sake of this story, Kate), a girl hails from Taiwan. You may have not heard of it before, but you must know China and Japan, Taiwan is next to China and is below Japan. However, it is not the point. Taiwan is always one of the best countries in the world in my thought, but we have the worst education system too. As being a Taiwanese student, all we need to do in our age is to study and study and study so that we can get into a good university, get a good job and have a better life. That’s ridiculous, isn’t it? We are wasting the best part in our entire life to have better life in the future? It seems weird, it doesn’t make any sense. Life waits for no one. I want to tell anyone who has dream, go to make your dream come true! Don’t waste your time anymore, do your best to have a happy life. Do not be like us, like those adult who only want to make money to have a better life. Do not give up any of the opportunities that you can fulfill your dream, hold them on tight. Quit the thing which you are doing that you don’t like to do, go to make your life a better life NOW.

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