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I am middle class Indian girl looking for the perfect match for my elder sister

I am middle class Indian girl. I have one elder sister, my parents are now searching a perfect match for her. When we were young, we use to share everything. she was my only friend. But now everything has changed. We barely talk to each other. Tomorrow, soon to be groom’s parents are visiting to us. I was happy and excited, so I went to talk to her. I said “mom told me that his parents coming to visit us tomorrow”, her reply on this was shocking. She said “stop interfering in my personal life”. Am I really interfering in her life? That didn’t hurt me much, but when I heard her sharing all this to her other friend, I felt so left away. I’m her family, her wedding is important to me, and she’s keeping me away from it. I had everything planned, but now I feel that I will be remain the spectator at her wedding and not a part of it. I’m so disappointed and hurt. I thought family always comes first, but no….. I was wrong. I’m not the person who matters to her.

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