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It felt like I was in a wonderland full of pretty stones

Chapter I

Looking at those stones laying in the ground gave me happiness. It felt like I was in a wonderland full of pretty stones. Stones that turned yellow like the sun. Thank you God for this opportunity that I can see these stones lying on the ground in happiness. It made me feel like I was one of them. They looked so free and happy. Happy like a bird.
Chapter II

Starting the day off with a sad smile. I am so depressed. The world around me are just stones right now. My hearts starts to cry and scream. It screamed. Hey don’t get lost in the crowd. Say what you want to say. But what can I say Heart? Suddenly I touched my chest. My Heart. It is gone forever.

Chapter III

It is the end. I have to end this. But end what? Little stone screamed. You should bring it over you. The stone turned to me with a happy voice and said. Kill yourself. Oh how the stone looked like an angel singing with a soft voice. Take me and let me free you from your burden. I thanked the stone and ended it….

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