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I was in a relationship with a guy who is 7 years older to me

I was in a relationship with a guy who is 7 years older to me. When we left for his master to another country I decided to brake, he didn’t want to but I find long distance lonely and feel they don’t really work. I miss him a lot and so does he. we decided to keep talking. It’s just that when I talk to him I do expect some sort of attention and responses. sometimes I get very desperate but just when he starts to talk everything shatters. He’s being seeing other people I guess, which does not make me jealous but maybe deep down I do. Sometimes I wish if he had been an asshole and dumped me. Things may have been simpler to move from this strange relationship black-hole. I want to get over him but it’s just weird, how much I resist I just can help but end up calling him or text-ting him. Reason why I am so attached was because he had always been someone to whom I could open up to and share my all feelings.


  1. I am in a similar situation I guess, except instead of breaking up we tried to make it last. And it did, for almost three years. We were actually engaged to marry, but one thing lead to another and we found it difficult to stay together and it eventually fell apart. We still talk.. I can’t help but talk to her. I love her still. I don’t know if it helps to know that there is someone that shares a similar story, but it helped me to read about yours. Merry Christmas ?

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