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I’ll be starting my Exam’s in a year or so, and I feel so scared

Hi everyone… I’m fourteen, and in school. I’ll be starting my Exam’s in a year or so, and I feel so scared. I feel so stressed and I have the tendency to break down into tears when I get home from school, mostly because of the amount of homework that’s piled on my shoulders every day. Plus the stress from the studying and the mocks that we have to do every so often.
I want to be able to deal with just one year in school where I don’t have to deal with homework or stress, or tests, or studying etc… I find it all to crowding for my mental and physical state. There are some days where I wake up late in the morning, because I’ve spent so long on homework the night before, trying to complete it so I can spend more time talking to my friends and family.
I love to draw things and I guessed taking art as one of my Exam choices would help me improve my art style and progression. Now I find myself panicking whenever I want to draw something because my teacher has forced me to draw a piece of art which contradicts my style, and has the potential of making me worse at something that I am otherwise great at.
I want to change my subjects to something that will suit my hobby and that I might actually pass at. Instead of having to panic every time I want to deliver a suitable piece of work to my teachers, that they’ll be proud of and not just nod it off as another piece of paper with lead or pen scratched into it.
I find that a lot of teachers nowadays feel the need to blackmail students with a bad grade or detention if they don’t do homework or at least a “passable” piece of work.
Yet the teachers always have a little pet… a student that does nothing wrong, and gets all the good grades because the teachers give them that grade. Because that student is their favourite.

I just hope that next year will bring good memories and not force me to almost cry myself to sleep at night…waiting for the weekend to roll around.
(I know it’s not much… But that’s the worst off of my chest)

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