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When your loved ones say harsh things to you

When your loved ones say harsh things to you, something you never expect to hear no matter what you may ever do, those things can never be forgotten. They adhere to your heart and act as an oblique layer in front of your vision. I don’t know why I had to hear that, I could have walked away to not hear the half of it and save myself but at the same time I wanted to hear it to. I wanted to know what were all things that she thought deep inside her. Not a single word was easy to bear, she continued burdening me with anguish of those words. Also, she doesn’t realize how much those words affect me and the next minute she turns all normal. Another problem with my mother is that she doesn’t talk to me about all the things a mother should talk to a daughter about. I just know one thing that I have to love her, I do, I can’t help loving her even if that means sadness for me.

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