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His mother leaves her kids to get drunk and be with her boyfriend

My partner moans at me for leaving him with our kids yet doesn’t see a problem with his mother leaving her kids to get drunk and be with her boyfriend. We live with his mum and siblings and no matter how hard I try get a house I have to do everything else on my own to. I try to talk to him but he just doesn’t get it, we will be busy, have something planned, have no kids etc. and as soon as him mum wants to go out and get drunk he doesn’t speak up or says that where busy or a simple fucking no! He always blames me for why his siblings and he has no dad and he has to be father figure but it isn’t my fault his mother wants to stay with dead beats, have kids to 3 other men or choose to stay with idiots, just because my mum chose to be with her bf and he treats us like his own isn’t my fucking fault but he does it all the time. 4 and a half years I’ve put up with him always doing this, always moaning because I want to have time to myself and he has to watch his OWN kids but he doesn’t have a problem with watching his siblings. It makes me so mad that I can’t tell him anything, he always wakes up in a real asshole mood for no reason then he abuses our oldest son which is 3 this year and gets mad at our youngest son who’s 1 this year. No matter how nicely I tell him to stop it or that he’s being real negative and shit he always yells for his family to hear, runs me down to them and on his Facebook page yet it’s always my fault or I’m the reason he’s like that or the reason why his family don’t like me when I haven’t even done anything wrong to them it’s all the lies and running me down that he’s said to them which makes them think I’m this horrible person. Even when we argue his family don’t say shit to him but as soon as I speak up for myself they all come rushing in, he always threatens me with suicide and I’m always the one to stop him yet when he says that to his family oh none of them get off their ass and help him. I’ve always financially supported us and he’s never once supported me physically/mentally or emotionally. This morning he got mad because I asked if he was going to help with our kids because they both peed through there pj’s and all he went on about was I’m the one that got up early to do them yet he was the phone on his phone, as usual he still doesn’t help and still hasn’t bothered to help since 8 this morning. I went out for a smoke to hear him and his mum running me down and laughing, he always tells me to leave when he knows we have nowhere else to live or go yet he says he loves us. I know in my heart that if it was the other way around I would never do that to him so now I’ve put our kids down for their afternoon nap, I’m all alone with no one to talk to and no one in this house asks if I’m okay and I feel really depressed and lonely I just wish someone would support me for once instead of me always supporting him and his family while he moans and gets mad at me helping my own family! Someone please help me

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