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I drank a bottle of Vodka before school

So, when I was fifteen and just moved in with my step Nan and granddad after having a major falling out with my parents, my Nan died. You see, I was very close to my Nan, she was like a mother figure to me.

My mom would come around to visit me every other weekend and on this one weekend she sat down and started crying. I was confused, my first thought was that she had a falling out with my dad like they normally would. She told me that I had to know before she finally spit out “Nan has died”. It hit me that it was true when my mom brought out this bag with some of my Nan’s belongings. Anyway, soon after that I had mock exams to do and her funeral struck right on them.

Months had gone by and the loss of my Nan and my feelings to it just kept getting worse and worse. So, one day, I decided to buy some vodka. Now my aim of drinking the vodka on the bus before school wasn’t to get drunk, but was to help remove the horrid thoughts in my head. So, I got to school and I was relatively okay. I was slightly tipsy but I knew how to walk and what was going on around me. Midway during my period 1 lesson it hit me. I experienced blackouts, so I can’t exactly remember what I did.

According to my friends in the classroom, I couldn’t keep still and kept falling off my chair, talking over the teacher etc. After class my friends took me to the toilet but being the drunk person I was, I shouted “How do I go to the toilet?”. So, I finished on the toilet and headed to my period 2 lesson. On my way, I had fallen over and my two friends had to get me up. According to them, it is harder to get a drunk person up than sober. During lesson 2 I got kicked out of class and this is where I could not get any information out from anyone because no one knew.

I was then in first aid for some reason and I had next to nothing on. I had stripped myself of the school clothing I was wearing (I am very lucky that I had put clothes on underneath my school clothes). Soon enough my auntie came who took me to hospital. The school had called an ambulance but my auntie was nearby so she could take me to one closest to where I live.

In hospital, all my family joined me. My dad, my mom, my step Nan, my granddad and my auntie. I was going to be transferred to another hospital due to my state but I admitted to the hospital that I had brought and drunk the alcohol so I didn’t need their help. I was released around 5-6 pm and was lucky to spend the night at home with my family. That followed on with a 5 day exclusion but the school changed it to illness so it didn’t show up on my record.

Weeks after this experience I started drinking Whiskey or Vodka every night just to get me tipsy. I woke up yesterday with my bedroom in a tip because I had obviously been badly drunk the night before. You could now class me as an alcoholic.


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