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She Said No, and my friends made fun of the story

Does god hate me?
It all started 3 days ago when a girl I liked asked me out to prom, but me, that dumb fuck that I am thinking she was joking said: no, I won’t go to prom.
A moment later I shared this story with my closest friends, they of course told me to speak with her, a day after I spoke with her, asked her to prom with her and she said she will go to prom alone, I was sad but I could handle it. What happened today makes me feel dead inside. I shared with my closest friends my feelings for her but after doing that I felt like I’ve done a huge mistake. I was right, an hour after that conversation we all went to eat and finished I follow them around to the usual place we smoke but on the way there we meet her. My inferno starts, all of my closest friends start to make fun of the story I told them about in front of her and another group of people she was talking to. I made a turn and went to a place to where I can let my feelings out by crying I cry for at least a minute I raised my head up. I felt like I heard her voice I see a her from a long distance running happily with another guy and now I’m here is death a way out? I’m not writing this to entertain you this is an honest cry for help.


  1. God always loves you. trust me , i have had even worse still i belive in god. you can handle this 🙂

  2. I don’t know what happened, my computer is messing up, it said auto saved. I hope you got the message I left, and just understand, life is not fair, life is not easy, you will always have someone to answer to know matter where you are. And the friends, like I said, after HS is over you may not and progbably will not see most of them until you go to your reunions years down the road. I can tell you that I believe that when you feel down and out and nothing is going right, Don’t Quit! Go to a shelter, soup kitchen or volunteer at your local vet shop, by helping someone and I can assure you that you will soon feel better, seriously! You may not understand or realize that right now is and can be the best days of your life. Remember this, YOU TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO TREAT YOU! PS, don’t ever lose that sensitive part of who you are, it is a great quality in a man! Good luck, hope the path you choose makes you a happier person, only you can do that…

  3. Bro love sucks..u just stay away from these bitches.Trust me i got issues too.

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