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You’re never satisfied with what I give you

Sometimes I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
I can be sitting in a meeting, keeping to myself, but in my mind, I am far away and fucking everything.
I have had dozens of boyfriends and this problem never ends.
They say, ” You’re never satisfied with what I give you.”
They say, “You don’t want me, you just want a living dick.”

I find that quite offensive.

Of course, I want them living but I would much rather them just to be silent and ravage me.
I warned them of course of how I was.
Did they believe me? Of course not.
Each time I get into a relationship the same thing always happens.
Honestly a girl gets tired of the same lines over and over again. You would think men wouldn’t pursue me after this but they always come.
They find me funny, quirky, and adventures. Funny enough I don’t feel that I’m any of those. The only time this woman is adventures is when I want their cock – whiles driving, at your parents’ house, at friend’s room or even the porch; Anywhere is fine as long as I can have hot throbbing cock inside me.
Don’t complain I’m too much to handle when clearly from the first day I am fucking you. No good women are that easy gentlemen, don’t be so gullible.
My ex once was driving through the turnpike, doing a solid seventy-five, when I grabbed his cock and quickly let it out, surrounding it with my mouth. Anyone could see me and I want you to see, how I easily take in a seven and half dick without even gagging (no gag reflex here, has to be a sign of heaven to have as much cock as I want in my mouth) so please do so and watch me. He swerved and swore but didn’t stop me. He liked every minute of it. He grabbed my hair and pushed his cock further not letting me up and I came so much I don’t even need you to penetrate me to cum. He swerves again and almost crashes, I laugh and just licking and sucking away. See I want to feel your warm thick cum on me, if I still don’t worry, I will clean it and swallow. The greatest gratification is when I see you can’t hold back anymore.
He cums in my mouth and I swallow it up and he groans with satisfaction swerving and parking in the side of the road. He pulls me over and just tears at my shirt, grabbing my breast with his rough hands. Lifting my skirt and thrusting so deep all at once. Hard and fast, I ride his cock, so wet and slippery that I can’t stand it. An orgasm ripping through me while I moan in total abandonment. Here is where I feel the most satisfied, the happiest. In the peak of each other’s total release. And I laugh and I can’t help it. I feel so good and free.
But alas the moment of truth comes, he tells me I am too much for him and he can’t handle me. That he doesn’t know how to satisfy me.
……Are you kidding me??
Your dick is still inside me you know?
I’m wet and spilling on your lap and you think I’m not satisfied?
I sigh in exasperation.
Here goes another one.
Not the first time this happens you see.
I show my reckless side and there they go running.
Why blame a woman who has a much bigger libido? After all I did warn you.
That’s the end of that story. Any sympathy for the very depraved female sex addict? If anything, I should be given an award for trying to have something normal with a spice. Guess I can go back to my sweet Peter Rabbit who never truly complains even when I take him to work (shh Don’t tell).


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