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I had sex with two different guys in one weekend

So, last Thursday, my plans to hang out with this really sexy, amazing guy were cancelled; he ended up getting called into work. So, I was bored and I ran into this guy I work with. We hung out all the time before, but I knew he was really interested in hooking up. We’re watching TV and he tries to cuddle with me, but he’s so nervous that he’s barely even touching me. He just keeps shaking so I grabbed his hand and was like “Don’t be so nervous.” Next thing I know, we’re taking off our pants and fucking. The sex that night was terrible. I just wasn’t attracted to him. Well, we worked together on Friday and I had nothing to do, again. So, I went over to his place and met some of his friends. I ended up spending the night and we must have had sex like 4 times. It was getting better, but something still felt off. Well, I went home and showered. Later Saturday night, that really hot guy I was talking about messaged me. He was obviously very drunk (and needy), but I liked the attention. I came over and saw the guitar in his room. I asked if he played, so he tuned it and asked me to play something. Either I sounded really good or he was just that drunk, but he seemed so impressed. So, we’re having sex, right? It’s been a good hour or so since we started fucking and he starts to slow down. He pulls his dick out and just falls asleep in this awkward spooning position. I was just going to leave, but when I took his hand off my tit he immediately woke up and wanted to keep fucking. The sex was great and he’s so hot! He made sweatpants and a hoodie look sexy – like come on! And again, after we fucked I was going to plug his phone in for him and leave, but he just kept pulling me in. I ended up spending the night there too. Turns out, he was so drunk he only “briefly” remembers having sex, but the whole night is a pretty big blur for him. There’s nothing brief about having sex for 2 hours, but ok. I feel kind of bad for taking advantage of him in his drunken state, but we had been meaning to fuck for quite a while now.



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