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I had a weird childhood

This happened when I was still in Kinder-garden where I just sat around and watched either Mickey mouse or Dora the Explorer which were my both in my Top 5 Best Kid Cartoons ever at that time. But Dora was my MOST favorite. She was like, basically my idol and stuffs and you can say I was a really big fan.

But this one time, this certain episode had Dora calling Boots (the monkey) and I for some reason, wanted to re-enact this scene. So, I did…but in a god damn window. And I mean me not sitting on a window but my head STUCK in a window (which by the way, had circles in them which was big enough to fit your head in them, but too small to bring it back in). Instead of crying I was laughing even though cars were below me, swooshing away and stuffs. After a long time, (my Mom and my elder sister couldn’t help me anyhow and was planning to call some people to help) when out of nowhere, my head was finally free, thanks to a cartoon which I can’t remember of…. I had a weird childhood….


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