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I’ve been going through depression and anxiety since age 8

I (Luka Keats) have been going through depression and anxiety since age 8. The main thing is that I’ve been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome since about probably age 2 or 3. I’m generally a Fun, Loving, Caring and extremely likable person.

Even though I may not always be a great role model, my heart proves to be in the right place. Throughout my life, I’ve learnt so much and gone through several experiences that could be considered important. School

has given me some good experiences although there have been some issues with School. At Pre-School, Epsom Normal Primary School and Coogee Public School I was happy. I was happy at Bronte and Waverley as well but I had issues there as well. The biggest issues were in Year 5 and 6 where I could get upset and my brain could get out of Control. My Teachers were saying that I had a bad attitude and that I wasn’t doing too well at School. That was mainly in year 5 with Mr. Dynan where I had believed that he thought I was doing poorly. I had a friend at Bronte named William Feeney who I wasn’t too sure about. He sometimes made a group of my Friends ditch me and he could be quite mean to me sometimes.

Once when I told a Teacher about it in Year 4 it seemed unresolved to me and I had a feeling that the Teacher just took William’s side. As a matter of fact, I do consider these sides and rivalry things to be quite

ridiculous. Apart from School during the rest of my time of Primary there had been some other issues. I had believability and it seemed that Mum and Dad were only concerned about Aleks having friends and only did it for me and didn’t really care too much if I had friends or not.

I even had feelings that Mum didn’t really love me a lot or care about me a lot due to the way she would act. Dad seemed to show more love and compassion for me.

She’s already started doing it again. Lying to me and Neglecting me about specific things and also Bulls***in me. She’s think it’s a game but it’s NOT. She’s thinks I’m some kind of joke and does take a lot of things seriously.

I’M SERIOUS. What happened to my Mother? The old Branka Keats? The one who obviously cared deeply for me and loved me and knew how to raise me well. But my Dad is nothing like that. Why is it only Dad out of both of my Parents who loves me more and shows me more compassion? Out of all my Family, my Mum seems to be the only one who doesn’t clearly love me or care about me or take me seriously. I can’t get my head over it.

Anyway, at Waverley year 7 was fine. Year 8 however, started going off track every now and then. In Year 9 in Term 3 things really started to get out of line. I began disliking School completely and didn’t want to go and I felt like everyone there was giving me nothing but Crap. I kept thinking everyday “Why? I’m so sick of this Bulls***! I can’t stand my Mum and I can’t stand all of those Assholes!”. When that year ended, I thought nothing of School or going back because I had intentions of never going back to School. But in April 2016 this Doctor Mum thought of taking me to see gave me Zoloft (a Pill Medicine) which made me feel happy again and make me fond of my Mother again and love her. It seemed that she had got her eldest son back. I had already stopped going to Waverley in late February but I was still signed in with Waverley. I spent most of my days staying at home and going out regularly on a daily basis. The main cause with School is that sometimes it can make me feel anxious if it’s out of line and it there’s other students who muck it up then it can get complicated and Teachers should be civilized and not arrogant and possess the normal qualities for a Teacher. Anyway, another of the problems I’ve had are jealously and that some things don’t work out for me too well and also feel that I can’t move on with my Life but everyone else can. In the end for all of these type of Victims, if nothing else seems to work out they usually end up taking their own lives.


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