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I am annoyed i hate that someone can completly violat …

I am annoyed I hate that someone can completely violate your privacy, abuse you about things they don’t understand or even have in context, then act like nothing is wrong. I hate that others don’t realise that this is a problem, and I hate that I cant be around my friend now because his girlfriend is always there and I cant pretend like nothing is wrong. I hate that I was honest and somehow it made things worse, now i cant even be myself. I hate that this is probably all my fault!

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  1. It is not your fault. Do not feel bad about yourself. You are probably a really wonderful, nice, and caring person.

    First of all, they violated your privacy which is not on and then to make things worse abuse you. That’s not fair, especially when you can’t see your own friends.

    You did the right thing by being honest. If you were not, later down the track the truth would come out and would make matters 100 times worse than what they are now.

    If they have a problem with you seeing someone, it’s their issue. If they don’t like it, they can simply leave.

    So cheer up, and make sure you have a good time doing what you want to do, not what others want you to do.

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