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I “had” a great job

These days are totally frustrating me. 4 weeks ago, my life was shining bright. I had a great job which I really loved and I was pretty sure that they going to keep me. It was a temporary contract but my manager made it pretty clear that they are really happy with my engagement and so I did not worry at all. I was unemployed before so I knew already that awkward feeling when you have no job, and everyone is wondering why… I have a master degree in communication some work experience, live in Germany, always positive and try to motivate others to do their best… So being unemployed means you obviously failed somehow… But no, this time it was almost perfect, but I guess numbers and sales figures are sometimes more important than a young and motivated employee. Anyways one manager in US decided to cut off heads in EU and that was unfortunately mine… I know that I will make it somewhere else but I can’t believe that this is happening a second time. I totally have trust in my universe and if a door shuts down another one will open soon. Trying hard to stay positive but I know it’s going to be tough again. Thanks for reading. 🙂 #nevergiveup #msa
Thanks a lot

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