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Through the years of my life I was always scared

Through the years of my life I was always scared and/or shy. I’ve never liked confrontation, but as I’ve gotten older it has gone away. My feeling of life is hurtful because of past situations. I have loved, hated, and been crushed, there was no way of avoiding any of it.

I have always used video games to get away from every bad thing in my life. My dad, like my brothers and sister’s fathers, left when I was young. Though I have forgiven him for that, it still kills my heart to rely on video game characters for happiness. I try to learn different things to occupy me from video games but it is hard.

I had also fell in love with a girl through the years of middle and high school but never told her my true feelings. We dated in junior year but it was too soon to tell her and about two weeks later she cheated on me with a good friend and it crushed me.

Three years later, no girl has really got to know me because I’m scared. I recently met a girl named Nichole but currently she is married. I wish I could have the chance to get with her but my luck doesn’t get me that far. If I could fall in love with her I would let myself.

Going back to the high school situation, I dropped out because everyone was mentally destroying me. I also did home schooling but gave up fast. I’m currently working hard and trying to get my GED to go for college. I want to act or go animated cartoons, also live a better life.

After dropping school my mom lost the house we were renting so I moved in with my oldest brother. It was alright for being the only place I had to go. In a month or two later my cousin asked me if I wanted to live with them until I got on my feet. I said yes because my brother had a set time that I got to stay and I was going to the army if I didn’t have a place in time.

Thank you for reading if you did, my life has happened fast and I still hate it to an extent.

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