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Don’t fuck a fine chocolate man

Lol nae why he texted me late at night like I’m going to come get you tonight at 11:00 and I’m like daddy why so late. Then he was like because I been thinking about you all day at work and I need to get some of that wet pussy bre. (I love when he call me bre with his sexy voice) then a hour later he texted me and said I’m gone pick you up in a hour so be ready for these rounds and I’m like dam daddy ok but I’m not even ready yet so can you pick me up at 6 or 7 and he said coo (I’m all happy because I got a dick appointment ?) so I replied ok coo but I start getting nervous because my girlfriend doesn’t know I’m sneaking around with a guy when I’m supposed to be at the club dancing.

So, I’m walking to the car and I get to the car and his home boy named Aubrey who work in the club with me is in the car so I’m like dam I’m fucked because he knows I got a girl. So, we get to his house and his home boy think they are about to get a game of 2k going when we really about to go get these rounds in because lord knows I need them so I start stealing because I’m getting nervous about doing it while his friend is here.

Then his mom pops up at his house (mind you this man live with his momma so that’s not even his house) so I’m running in the bathroom naked and she like I know you haven’t been answering your phone because you I’m here getting freaky with some girl and he was like you know her so she ain’t just no girl off the street so I had to get dressed and go talk to his mom and she was introducing me to her and he kept telling her you remember bre from the company I work at and she was like no I don’t so then she was like you might as well gone head and finish getting your freak on while I make dinner because you already started so we went back to his room and I took my clothes off again so he start kissing me from my neck down to my belly button (mind you we in the dark with the candles lit ) So I get on top and start riding his dick while he grabbing my hair and he was like dam bre you riding this dick to good I got to turn the lights on and watch myself (lol I’m feeling good because he fine as hell and he said I can ride dick good ) but I’m already nervous because we fucking with the lights on and I don’t want his momma coming in and seeing me naked but then when I got on my knees for him to hit it from the back he didn’t know what he was doing (I believe he was a virgin ) so long story short don’t fuck a fine chocolate man because most of them can’t fuck you good from the back ?


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