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I have really bad anxiety and even my father pushes me to do things I can’t do

I may have doubts and I may have worries but in that time, I have known many and many I wish I could forget about yet can’t.

You see although I do indeed love my friends dearly and wish them the best life they can possibly ask for I feel as if I can’t be with them anymore. My best friend forever, I wish that could be true but she loves gymnastic it’s like her whole life and soul she loves so much and wants to do everything basically caving, gymnastics, School.

That’s her life pretty much summed up for you. Although I do love her truly as a friend I feel as if I can’t be around her anymore. Yes, I do have some other friends there is another friend I have known for a long time and he’s great yet I haven’t seen him in a few years and he’s grown up so much. I wish I could keep up with my growing friends although I do grow to its just my path doesn’t follow theirs and it’s kind of tough figuring out topics to discuss whenever we see each other. This does have to go with my life story as well. I graduated from my school in May.

Funny it hasn’t been long. And I just saw a different future than all my friends. My best friend the one I talked about before, she hurt me and I didn’t tell her that although thinking back now I probably should have. Yet I didn’t because I do tend to keep my feelings to myself which makes it hard to talk to new people. My life story is kind of a mess right now. Yea I know everyone has their ups and downs. But I have really bad anxiety and even my father pushes me to do things I can’t do because I’m not well I guess good at socializing well. I can’t do a lot of things my friends and family can. Yes, I am a Co-Owner of a business I founded but it doesn’t mean I’m good at interacting with others like every wish. I do have my own problems as well I’m not really fond of and somethings I have done in my past. Yet I do know the truth about it but it’s not…

Well I guess this is goodbye for now the wold wide web guess it felt good to take some of that off of my chest but to be honest it’s hard but it gets better I hope.

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