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I only just met this guy

It’s the summer after 8th grade, it was a very hot day and I was at my soon to be high school: going to do flag try-outs. As I got off the bus I reunited with my older sister and her friend. At the time who I had never met before, although we were very good friends through text. In the very moment laid eyes on him, I knew something was indescribably right. As if like my whole world was lit up by God himself and pushed me to him. My inner emotions felt on fire like nothing I have ever experienced before. I felt connected and overbearing excitement and confusion. We had only just met and something in my gut was telling me I needed to be around him more. I needed to see his eyes that resembled the ocean again. They became my favourite colour and his smile, oh the astonishing smile he gave met that day was one like no other I had seen. I remember like it was just yesterday, the day I had my whole world changed by this man. Now a couple years later and many mountain’s later, our souls caught that big fire, the one that makes your hearts skip beats, the type of passion I never knew existed. Suddenly after many clueless years of trying to get things right and moving along we broke through. Our spirits had connected like never before Even now almost 4 years later, every day I see him I still feel that burning passion and desire to have this man forever. We definitely have our bad days but my desire and overall love for him pushes me to fight past those days. I would never give up on our love.

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