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My dark past follows me

I can’t.

I don’t want to turn unto those dark corners of my life, yet they are surrounding me. No matter where I go, where I turn to. My dark past follows me. Therapists say that you can’t overcome something if you don’t fight it.” You can’t let it win,” “you are stronger,” they say. What a lie. This world is filled with lies, some darker than others, lies are the sparkles of the happy family picture. If you take a closer picture, the father is having an affair with the women next door, while mother cries herself to sleep while waiting for her husband to get home late at night, while the dinner and candle light are sitting on the table.

The daughter is growing a grudge towards her father for hurting her mother, and the son hates his mother for “not being good enough” that his father had to go look for another woman. If we just accept the reality… Wait, but we are creatures who don’t like the truth. We like to hear what we want to hear, pretend everything is ok when in reality everything is slowing going to an end in front of our bare eyes. We like to believe that there are bigger things for us in the future, that the world problems will soon be solved. When we don’t even know what “tomorrow” holds. If it even exists. World problems will never come to an end, because WE ARE THE PROBLEM. Wait, but we don’t like accepting our faults either. So, no, it’s the government’s fault, Mother Nature, anything else but us. We don’t do much than wake up, do the daily routine and go to sleep. Glasses were created to help you see; funny thing is we still blind ourselves from things we don’t want to see.

Was I just honest? I think I see the angry crowd coming towards me with judgements, rejections, humility. Run! Hide! That’s the only thing you can do towards ignorant and close-minded people. Crap, but I am running towards my dark corners. The shadows are laughing at me, waiting for me with their arms wide open. Suddenly, I see a spark of light shining from afar. It was a church, where honesty and modesty was accepted. Or so I thought.

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