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Yellow taxi driver starts with nothing to create a company now changing the world.

Yellow taxi driver starts with nothing to create a company now changing the world.

My life so far is of an immigrant rag to riches story. I am a former NYC Yellow taxi and Uber driver with a Mohawk and with a relentless passion for life. Think of immigrants that started with nothing, Elon Musk, John Paul DiJoria, Peterffy, Jan Koum, Do Won Chang, Jin Sook, Shahid Khan, Vinod Dham, Vinod Khosla, Andy Grove and more. Ladies and Gentlemen, in life, we are always fascinated to learn of how immigrants work hard, overcome obstacles and start great companies.

Moving forward, think of people who survived near death experiences and overcame debilitations to achieve greatness. In life, we are also mesmerized by fighters. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Nelson Nigel, I am both of them. In addition to being an immigrant, I also survived a major near death incident, I was hit by a moving express subway train in New York City, and I live to tell the story.

My name is Nelson Nigel, I am an immigrant former NYC yellow taxi & Uber driver originally from Guyana and grew up in Queens, NY. My parents were factory workers with 3 young kids. I grew up poor and struggling in Corona Queens, NY. But it’s ok, it’s a typical start with many immigrants, moreover, it’s not where you start, it’s the journey and where you end.

As a lifelong serial entrepreneur, I continue to give it 100% for my employees and myself. I have struggled to build many failed companies and experiencing many overdraft fees. I have given it all for my dreams and my employees. It starts with 70 hour workweeks at minimum, a relentless drive to achieve, and a tremendous appreciation for people.

Great leaders do not stand back and lead, conversely, they stand in the frontlines. Now, I created Kidmoto Technologies, an innovative start up competing against UBER & LYFT by providing needed children friendly car seat airport taxi transportation. Life is not such a financial struggle anymore.

I was literally almost dead. It remains unknown whether or not if I was deliberately pushed in front of a moving NYC express train as a child. Yes, I have been hit by a moving express subway train in NYC while on my way to Aviation High School, and I survived. That is in the past. It’s long gone. I had brain surgery, slept through weeks in a coma, severe cerebral haemorrhage, and lifelong consequences of a damaged brain. But it’s long gone, I see it all as inconsequential, I do not live with excuses. People like me do not live in the past, nor do I look at my limitations as weight holding me back. Instead, I push forward.

As an entrepreneur, I have suffered many failures, and it is a natural phenomenon, because who hasn’t failed? I do not stay on the floor when I am knocked down. Now, I have amassed a super team and we have brought Kidmoto Technologies to life. Kidmoto operates in a niche segment of the transportation market, it provides a solution to a real problem, taxis do not provide car seats, and car services do not provide installed car seats. The Kidmoto app connects passengers to a network of professionally trained drivers who provide harnessed and installed car seats for safe airport transportation. Kidmoto provides a solution to real world problems.

Kidmoto provides a fresh perspective on the day-to-day hardships that face traveling parents. Safe transportation is always on the mind of parents with small children, especially infants. Too often, parents are faced with the reality of just “jumping into a cab” with unrestrained children as they leave airports, or unsecured taxis as they leave hotels to the airports. Kidmoto now solves that problem, especially because Kidmoto is built with a wonderful team.

Life is not such a struggle anymore but the struggle continues, racism continues to be a very powerful force in our lives and we all need to work together to dilute it.


Nelson Nigel

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