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I am bored with him due to my desire to hook up with somebody new.

I am in a 5-year relationship with a loving and loyal man. I am in stage where I am bored with the relationship and the sex not because of him but due to my desire to hook up with somebody new.

As I began to catch up with a new guy, I wasn’t expecting anything from him. I am just enjoying myself to be affected by someone because I was still too afraid to do something that leads to cheating. But, it didn’t go really well. We usually keep in touch by chatting, then one day we were hanging out and we finally kissed. This thing led me to the curiosity of having sex with him. Today, I had sex with him. It was such a huge guilty pleasure and now I can be entitled myself as the cheater and a woman who doesn’t deserve pure love from a loving man.



  1. Having feelings for someone else is fine even if u are in a relationship , but always remember the happy times you spent with your first love and why u both got into a relationship! This will always clear your mind in such situations.

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