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The door of my cage clangs in front of me.

The door of my cage clangs in front of me and I hear deep male voices.  A long metal claw uses fake plastic hands to remove my blindfold. I blink steadily and peer around. I am in a completely white room with no furniture at all except for the chair I have been tied to. I sit, inside my cage in the white room, waiting. I hear a click and the door opens again.

A tall man walks in with no eyebrows, eyelashes, or hair. He is wearing a white suit and white shoes with long white socks that appear to reach all the way up his legs. He blinks steadily, and I stare back into his eyes which have unusually small irises that were an odd grey colour that shimmered in the artificial glow in the room. Now that I thought about it, I wondered where the light was coming from. There were no windows, or lamps. The man opened his mouth, as to say something, but instead reached inside his breast pocket and pulled out a black headset. He placed it around his head and pressed a small button on the side of the equipment. He cleared his throat and returned his hands to his waist. He blinked and studied me.

“May I have your name?” He asked, surprisingly polite and monotone. I nodded and shakily said,

“Sam..” He glanced at the palm of his hand and moistened his lips slowly.

“Good. You didn’t lie like most of the subjects.” He said, eerily calm. He wet his lips once again and stared directly at me.

“Right, well. We shall begin, now.” He paced out of the room and returned a few minutes later with a clipboard and a large black box with no latch or lock or anything that would prevent somebody from opening it and discovering the contents. The man introduced himself as “Votrak” and announced that he would begin the first part of the test.

“I will ask you a series of questions, and you must answer them all incorrectly.” He noticed my puzzled look and replied with, “It will be harder than choosing the correct answer, you see?” I nodded slowly and tried to stay calm. Sweat dribbled down my face and onto my lashes, impairing my vision slightly. Another claw reached down with a rag and wiped my face, and whilst doing so, blurted out, “Stay calm, you are fine!” Still feeling woozy, I said,

“I am r-ready to begin the test.” The man nodded and peered at his clipboard.

“First question: What colour is your hair?” I already knew that my hair was brown, so I answered, “Blond.”

“Alright, next. What colour are your eyes?” Recalling that they were blue, I stammered, “I-I have red eyes.” The man looked confused and pressed a button on his headset.

“Should Subject — be punished for answering question 02 with “red eyes”?” A hushed voice from the person no the other end answered, “No, because it is technically not their eye colour.” Votrak nodded slowly and scowled. He pressed the button again and said the next question.

“Do you have any family that are still alive?” Out of instinct, I blurted,

“Yes. My mother and father and – oh..”

“Ha ha! Out of the frying pan and into the oven, I think is how the saying goes. Now, you must be punished.” He smiled sinisterly and opened the black box by chanting something in a foreign language. *Ah, so that is how you open the box. * I thought. *By voice recognition. or something along those lines. * The man pulled out a blunt butter knife and unlocked the door to my cage.

Slipping on a pair of white gloves, he pulled back my sleeve and sliced the skin off my arms, and wrenched my arm around to slice the underside as well. The pain was unbearably strong. I screamed and twisted away, yelling, and leaning forward to shield my arm.

I tried to lick away the blood as that was my first instinct; to clear the wound, but I then realised that that was the least of my worries. Votrak did the same thing to my other arm and all of the pain washed over me in a tidal wave of red hot agony. Screaming, I tried to kick Votrak away, but my legs were tied together.

Panting, I focused all my energy into trying to pass out, as that would make the pain stop. I banged my head on the back of the chair and suddenly I was knocked out cold from a blow to my head. I didn’t have enough time to find out what it was, but luckily it made me become unconscious.

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